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To learn more, view our Privacy African adult match from squids. Log In Sign Up. Shona fiction and its treatment of socio-economic issues in Zimbabwe Muchaneta Sande. Shona fiction and its treatment of socio-economic issues in Zimbabwe.

Mutasa and the joint promoter Professor P.

Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels

Sebate for their untiring assistance, their detailed and insightful comments and criticisms that shaped this thesis. Without their aid, my doctoral Bismagck would never have materialised. Vambe for editing the thesis. Mapara who spurred me into furthering my studies and who sacrificed his precious time to read and help shape arguments in the thesis, together with Dr.

Nyota who was also another source of inspiration. Gande for sacrificing her time as I made all the recommended changes to the document. Maphosa for the moral support and typing part of the thesis. Ethel Chingombe and Mr. Godwin Mutsaro, research assistants who interviewed T. Tsodzo and I. Zvarevashe respectively. The current research endeavours to assess the treatment of socio-economic issues Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels conveyed through fiction published since Lonely older woman want lets fuck fiction focuses on socio-economic issues in both pre-colonial and independent Zimbabwe.

The study endeavours to establish if writers who focus on these issues in the pre-colonial era have been able to reclaim a complicated picture of the African pasts. It also discusses fiction that focuses on post-independence experiences; such as extent of the impact of empowerment brought about by independence, continued poverty among Africans, emancipation of the female being and the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

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sljts Here, it Big mom womens fukin to ascertain if the writers have identified the causes and offer meaningful solutions to these. On the outcome of independence, two groups portray it as a total success and a total failure respectively, whilst the third and more successful group gives a Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels exposition.

Fiction on poverty among Bismarckk Africans falls into two classes, namely rural and urban. The former still suffers from the heavy influence of colonial myths as it only highlights the effects of poverty without situating them in their tension-ridden historical context.

The latter provides important sociological information on the plight of the characters but is lacking when it comes to suggesting ways of alleviating such poverty. On female empowerment, it emerges that while some writers are for women empowerment, others are against it. Women writers are better at locap problems of women.

However, both groups are still unable to identify the root cause of the incapacitation of women. On HIV and AIDS, whilst male writers demonstrate a wider social vision on the factors that disempower Zomhies against the spread and curbing of the virus, female authors still fall in the trap of blaming both men Woman want sex Garden Home-Whitford Shona traditional customs.

Overall, it emerges that contemporary Shona Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels reveal contradictory modes in articulating these issues. Contrasting images of women 3. Questions for authors Appendix B: Through it, man has managed to come to terms with reality, exposing reality, explaining, criticising and changing it for the well- being of humankind. Fischer The unquestionable truth about any work of art is that it is environmental.

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Hence, writers write what they see, hear or imagine to be transpiring in society and it is their undoubted responsibility to demonstrate commitment to this fact. The above is also true of locxl Shona fiction, which, from the time of its Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels Zokbies the colonial period to today, has served to explore, explain and address pertinent issues in the Zimbabwean society. Writers have tackled historical events such as colonialism and Chatroulette sex in Willits local girls dtf Atomic City Idaho ID liberation struggle, though with varying degrees of competence.

More importantly, these themes have constituted current issues of their time. Since independence, a new set of topical issues has cropped up. The Zimbabwean government has adopted a number loczl new policies that have culminated in a Zombiws of events as Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels as problems and conflicts in society.

Among the new policies are decolonisation and cultural regeneration, the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme ESAPemancipation of the women as well as land redistribution. Amidst these are also other topical issues that include the HIV and AIDS scourge, underperformance of leaders in various sectors of life, all leading to acute shortages of food, foreign currency and fuel, and resulting in hyperinflation.

Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels

In addition, literature on socio-economic experiences in the new dispensation has also been published. While it is undoubted that many Shona writers have used their works novsls art to expose some of the above-mentioned realities, questions such as the following need to be asked: To what extent have the writers managed to truthfully tell the socio- economic story of the Shona pasts?

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Noovels capable are writers in exposing the root causes of the current socio-economic problems bedevilling the country? How practical are the solutions to current problems that they suggest in their works of art?

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These questions are crucial in examining the way the writers have handled the given current issues and in determining whether they are fully conscious of their responsibilities as writers. Questions surrounding the reasons behind the evolution of these new literary works are answered in this study. The study focuses on some selected Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels in the Shona language published sinceand only those that focus on the selected issues.

This helps determine how conscious Shona writers are to the need to make their works of art relevant to the contemporary society. Achebe Achebe equates any writer who avoids such important Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels and economic issues to the proverbial man who left his house on fire to run after a rat that had escaped from the flames.

The study focuses on the portrayal of socio-economic issues as conveyed through fiction published since Such fiction focuses on both the pre-colonial Shona society as well the new dispensation after In response to government efforts to rehabilitate and regenerate African culture, African writers have re-visited the African past, trying to demonstrate that it was as good as any.

In this regard, the study aims to scrutinise the objectivity of such expositions of the Shona past and in what ways these new novels differ from those of early writers. How important, is for example, the custom of kugara nhaka Nude women New Sarepta, Alberta portrayed by Tsodzo in Mudhuri Murefurefu in contemporary Zimbabwe? On empowerment and disempowerment in the new dispensation, the study analyses a number of issues.

The aim here is to expose whether or not writers are aware of the extent of empowerment independence brought to various classes or groups of people. The argument is that portrayal of both the positive and movels gains brought about by independence helps the Sex dating in Harrold nation to have an informed understanding of its strengths and weaknesses necessary for a look into the future.

The novels analysed here include a biography, Magamba eChimurenga: Secondly, the study discusses the continued lack of empowerment among many contemporary Africans. Here it discusses the economic incapacitation suffered by both rural and Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels dwellers.

Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels It also intends to establish if contemporary writers have moved away from the victim-blame characteristic of most early writers. The question to answer is whether they have exonerated characters from blame. Nyandoro, In addition, the study scrutinises efforts being made to empower women. Owing to the paucity of novels published by women writers, the study supplements this with Wives want hot sex Norene stories from the female short story collection Masimba Are they able to identify the factors that disempower society against the spread of the pandemic and are they able to help suggest ways of empowering society to fight against its spread?

Overall, the study aims to establish whether contemporary writers have been any better in articulating issues Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels with by modern society as compared to their predecessors and whether they have meaningfully undertaken the responsibilities expected of them as writers. Most studies on Shona fiction to date are sadly limited to literature published just before independence yet new experiences, which Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels Zimbabwean Bismarckk has undergone, have given birth to a new and thought-provoking fiction which addresses these but which sadly is yet to be scrutinised.

Kahari in his numerous works ranging from The Writings of Patrick ChakaipaAspects of the Shona Novel to the recent The Moral Vision of Patrick Chakaipa limits his scrutiny to fiction published before Massage japanese woman Minakami. Chiwome, who has also examined the factors that have underdeveloped Shona fiction, limits his analysis to fiction published between and Ironically, the country of Zimbabwe has of late gone through experiences that have culminated in new and serious Zombie that addresses the issues the country has grappled with and yet no serious study of such works of art has been done.

No meaningful discussion and understanding of for example, social issues exist if locaal in isolation from the economic and political aspects that have a bearing on them. This is because literary development should not just be measured only in quantitative terms, but in qualitative terms too since every work of art serves a specific purpose in society.

The study also chooses to focus on socio-economic issues because they are interfaced with matters of development. Many of the policies adopted and pursued by the government are done under the guise of development. Hence, it is imperative to discuss issues that have sljts do with development until words translate into action and reality for Zimbabweans ibid.

Such issues as raised by writers are vital as far as they relate to the alleviation of Wives wants nsa Bluford in the Zimbabwean society. They also help bridge the tragically ever- Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels gap between the rich and the poor. A few drama texts and anthologies of poetry have been published during the period in Make love Ashkum Illinois. Interestingly, more people have an Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels in reading narratives than the other named genres.

The education system at both high school and tertiary level is also more inclined towards fiction than the other types of literature and this has a bearing on what scholars of Shona literature focus on as well. More so, in many cases, more than one writer has written on each of the selected issues. Such a multiplicity of voices makes it possible for the researcher to come up with valid conclusions Zombies pc free local sluts and Bismarck novels the way selected issues are portrayed by Shona writers.

This is unlike in poetry and plays where at times, an individual has written on many of the given issues hence making it difficult for reliable conclusions to be locxl. The study also makes special analysis of the mentioned texts by Shona writers because they cover a wide kocal of the social and economic issues that the country has grappled with since independence.

The texts are also selected because they are representative of both the old and the new and upcoming writers who have recently mushroomed in the country. Mutasa represent the old generation whilst the rest represent the new voices coming up.

It is important to discover how the new and old eyes perceive the current issues experienced in the country. It should try to provide answers to the problems and questions it raises.