Dinning in Hualien

Many restaurants in Hualien sell tasty wontons. Wontons are a traditional specialty in Hualien and Hualien's wontons are very famous throughout Taiwan.

Some of local specialized restaurants have a long history and serve very delicious wontons. Most Taiwanese people love wontons and know that Hualien is best for them. When you come to visit Hualien City, it is recommended to have a meal of wonton soup noodles. 

Muaji (麻糬) If you are lucky, your hotel in Hualien might give out Hualien's famous desert, muaji (mochi), for each customer. They do this because most Taiwanese people know that Hualien muaji is the best. Muaji in Hualien is a sticky and very chewy snack made of glutinous rice with sweet stuffing. When you come across a souvenir store in Hualien City, you will likely find a variety of muaji on the shelves. Usually stores sell many delicious flavors, including peanut, red bean, green tea, and many more. Remember to bring one or two bags home to share this delicious snack with your friends!     Hualien Sweet Potato (花蓮薯) The Hualien sweet potato can be considered as Hualien's earliest local specialty. Originally, this delicious snack is made from purely sweet potatoes, which were grown on the local farms. The sweet potato would be mashed, and then it would be baked to become what is a famous snack in Hualien. Today, the Hualien sweet potato would often be mixed with flour and other ingredients to produce a better taste and appearance. It is worth a try to taste the healthy snack. Just not long ago, the Hualien sweet potato became "the snack that most represents Hualien" after an official selection competition activity held by Taiwan's Tourism Bureau. On June 14, 2008, after this competition of 55 stores in Hualien, local citizens agreed that the winner is Hualien sweet potato!     Nanbin Tourism Night Market As the biggest night market in Hualien and located in Nanbin Park by the sea shore, Nanbin Tourism Night Market is full of famous Taiwanese snacks. These snacks are sausages, grilled corns, steaks, hot pots, salt pepper chicken, Taiwanese meat balls, stinky tofu and so on. Also, because it is beside the sea, there are many seafood restaurants serving fresh seafood cuisines.     Watermelon and Other Tropical Fruits Watermelons are Taiwanese’s favorite fruit during summer; lots of them are grown in Hualien. If you drive across Hualien County, you are mostly likely going to see large green fields of watermelon farms. The environment and climate in Hualien is very suitable for tropical fruits. Watermelons in Hualien County have high quality and even being exported to other countries. Peaches, pears and other tropical fruits are also abundant here as a result of good environment. Have some delicious tropical fruits during your Hualien travel!     Milk Products from Rueisuei Pasture Healthy Holsteins are raised up by feeding them the fresh forage. The grass is also grown by irrigating the freshest water resources from the Central Mountain Range. With the good climate, high-quality water and grass, every cow on Rueisuei Pasture can produce an average of over 20 kilograms of milk a day and high-quality milk products. It would be a wonderful experience visiting Rueisuei Pasture to enjoy the fresh, pure, and vast scenery, while sampling a large selection freshly milked and boiled thick milk. In addition, visitors can purchase other products such as the savory and warm milk steamed buns, cheesecakes, milk candies, fresh cheese, nougats, and frozen dairy products.
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