Entertainment in Hualien

Travelling is all about fun! You can have a lot of fun in Hualien, and you have the options to do many things in Hualien.

Hot Spring Baths

There are a number of hot springs in Hualien and Taitung, including Antong Hot Spring, Hongyeh Hot Spring and Rueisuei Hot Spring.

Rafting on Siouguluan River

For ones looking for some excitements, a rafting experience on Siouguluan River - the most famous rafting spot in Taiwan surely will leave an unforgettable Taiwan travel ...

Aboriginal Harvest Festival

Summer is the time for the harvest festival of many Taiwanese aboriginal tribes as summer is the time for rice harvest.

Whale Watching in Hualien

April through October is a good time to experience whale watching in Hualien, Taiwan. A whale watching trip takes about 2 hours, sometimes slightly longer or shorter depending on the weather of the ...

2011 Hualien Summer Festival

Come visit Hualien for vivid events of 2011 Hualien Summer Festival!

2011 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival

As Hualien accounts 90% of Taiwan’s stone and marble supply, a number of stone sculptors have congregated in the area, visitors may find a stone art street in the city where visitors may purchase ...

(Hualien) Taiwan Centennial Celebrations - 2011 Taroko Gorge Marathon

2011 Taroko Gorge Marathon is part of the colorful events and mega celebrations of Taiwan (R.O.C) Centennial. Taroko Gorge Marathon is an annual event that takes place in the world-renowned Taroko ...

Riding Taroko Gorge

Friday afternoon a group of us met at the Sincheng train station in Hualien County for another ride up Taroko Gorge.

Rolling on the Hsiukuluan river

By Earl Wieman, Photos by Sung Chih-hsiung The island of Taiwan, surrounded as it is by water and possessing some of the tallest and most rugged mountains in Northeast Asia, is ideally suited to a large ...
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