Vegetarian Wontons

Deep-fried wonton are stuffed with mashed bean curd. Vegetarians who don't eat egg can substitute 1 tablespoon oil for the beaten egg.

Fried Wonton

The wontons can be prepared ahead of time up to the cooking stage and refrigerated or frozen. Bring the wontons back to room temperature before deep-frying.

Crab Rangoon

My version of the popular appetizer. Yields 48 Crab Rangoon.

Wonton Recipe With a Pork and Shrimp Filling

This is a basic recipe for wonton with a pork and shrimp filling. Deep-fry the wonton or boil in soup as desired. For extra flavor, use fresh water ...


A wonton (also spelled wantan, wanton, or wuntun in transcription from Cantonese; Mandarin: húntún [xwə̌n.tʰwə̌n]) is a type of dumpling commonly found in a number of Chinese ...

Rice noodle roll

A rice noodle roll (also translated as steamed rice roll) is a Cantonese dish from southern China and Hong Kong, commonly served as a variety of dim sum.

Hualien's Cuisine

The area of Hualien's special geographic features and diversified ethnic makeup have produced a culinary culture that is far removed from that of the western part of the ...
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