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Liushidan Mountain

Liushidan Mountain(Sixty Stone Mountain) is located to the east of Zhutian Village, Fuli Township, in Hualien County. It is situated at an elevation of around 800 meters above sea level, in the Coastal ...

Luoshan Recreation Area

The Luoshan Recreation Area is located in Luoshan Village, Fuli Township. The population of this small farming village, located on the Coastal Mountain Range, is 80% Hakka, the remaining 20% being Fukien ...

Yuli Xietian Temple

Yuli Xietian Temple was built in 1875, and has over 130 years of history. Because the god Guan Yu is mainly worshipped here, this temple is also called "Guan Yu Temple". This temple is the most ...

Saoba Stone Pillars

The Saoba Stone Pillars are two adjacent, giant stone pillars. Their respective heights are 5.75 meters and 3.99 meters. They are located on a mountain slope north of the Wuhe Terrace in Ruisui ...

Wuhe Tourist Tea Plantation

The Wuhe Tourist Tea Plantation is located in Hualien County's Ruisui Township. It is situated on a river terrace southwest of the convergence point of the Hongye River and Xiuguluan ...

Ruisui Pasture

During the 1980s, Ruisui Pasture was a large papaya field. Every time there was a typhoon, the entire papaya crop, which had been painstakingly planted, would be wiped ...

Ruisui-Wanrong Hot Springs

The Ruisui Hot Springs, Hongye Hot Springs, and Antong Hot Springs are three large hot springs located in the Hualien Area.

Ruisui Rafting Tourist Center

Of all the water sports on offer in the East Rift Valley, the most famous and exciting has to be the "Xiuguluan River Rafting".

Hegang Pomelo Tourist Orchard

Hegang Village is located on the slope east of Ruisui Township in Hualien County, between the Fuyuan River and Ruisui's Market Street.

Ruisui Qinglian Temple

Ruisui Qinglian Temple, located in Ruimei Village, Ruisui Township, has over 120 years of history. The temple worshippers worship an unusual "Black faced" Sakyamuni Buddha. This temple is the main ...
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