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There is no one I do not love, there is no one I do not trust, and there is no one I do not forgive.」The aphorism comes from Dharma Master Cheng Yen who harbors a persistent soul of beauty and goodness. In 1966, Master Cheng Yen established Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation which practices the philosophy of relieving suffering, giving happiness, helping the poor, and educating the rich. For several decades, Tzu Chi Foundation has been growing under the Master’s loving and caring support.  Nowadays, Tzu Chi people around the world reach out to the disaster areas, and relieve the suffering and agony of people in need. All the Master’s followers, uphold the vow to be bodhisattvas, carry out tasks with compassion and wisdom, and stand firmly to the grand will– that is to purify people’s heart and mind, bring peace and harmony to the society, and make the world free from disasters.


tcu photoMaster Cheng Yen carries out the charity mission with the thinking of “Extending our love beyond those we know to those who are not related to us, and feeling other people's pain and sorrow when they are hurt or are suffering” After dedicating her life to  compassion relief work for more than ten years, she realized that sickness is the root of agony and the mother of poverty; therefore, the construction of a hospital was started. While the Tzu Chi Hospital was still under construction, Master thought about setting up a medical college; education is a crucial infrastructure of a nation, and health care is in need by the people who have illness.. Tzu Chi University was established in the eastern region of Taiwan to raise the level of health care and education and to nurture students to do good deeds and help others.


students photoFollow the principle of cultivating oneself with sincerity, integrity, faith and honesty and carry out the practice of kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. Tzu Chi University educates the students to become the ones who devote themselves to help others and serve people with respect and humanity; furthermore, the university expects the students to continue doing it even after they graduate from school.


Master Cheng Yen said,” Education is a work of purifying each person’s heart, a hope of our society, and a stabilizer of the society as well.” Thus, Tzu Chi University emphasizes  the following:

    1. Daily Life Education:To be mindful in dining, dressing, walking and living and to bring up the humanities from everyone.
    2.  Virtue Education:To respect the teachers, hold acceptable behavior, and be a faithful and responsible person
    3.  Humanities Education:To develop the spirit of contentment, gratitude, understanding, and accommodation.
    4.  Love Education:To nurture students to carry out their regular responsibilities and to devote themselves to help others.
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