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Hualien is situated in east Taiwan. Located on the coast surrounded by stunning mountains Hualien makes the perfect holiday destination. Hotels in Hualien are found in the centre and near the coast. You will find a great mix of available Hualien hotels to suit different needs. Hualien is an important port city for Taiwan, it is therefore very booming. The city is surrounded by the Taroko National Park which is absolutely breathtaking. Take a day trip to this park and enjoy clean air and splendid natural surroundings. The Yu Shan National Park is also within close proximity to the city of Hualien. The city itself is bustling; you will find a good variety of shops and restaurants located near to Hualien hotels. Sample delicious local cuisine and also take the opportunity to sue the city as a base for exploring the whole county of Hualien.

Places to Start Indigenous Culture Adventure in Hualien

The best way to experience indigenous culture is to go straight to the source, the indigenous villages. The two largest Amis villages, Mataian and Taibalang , are located in Hualien's Guangfu ...

Traditional Customs of Tribes in Hualien

Among indigenous celebrations staged in Hualien and Taitung, the Amis Harvest Festival is the best known. Each Amis village holds its own festival, on average spanning three days, in the middle of July for ...

Ethnics in Hualien

Members of seven of Taiwan's 12 officially recognized tribes can be found in Hualien county. These are the Amis (Ami), Bunun , Puyuma , Kavalan (Kamalan), Truku (Taroko), Paiwan , and Rukai ...

Hualien City - The capital of Hualien County

Hualien City is the capital of Hualien County, Taiwan. It is located on the East coast of Taiwan, by the Pacific Ocean, and has a population of 110,000 inhabitants.

Tzu Chi College of Technology

The college was established by Tzu Chi Buddhist Compassion Relief Foundation under the guidance of Dharma Master Cheng Yen in 1989.

Location of Hualien

Located on a strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range, Hualien is considered one of the most pleasant cities in Taiwan.

Hualien's Population and Administration

Hualien County has 340,000 inhabitants and is divided into 1 city and 12 townships.

History of Hualien

Hualien was originally called Kilai (奇萊) by aborigines. In 1622, the Spanish first arrived to mine for sand gold and called the area "Turumoan" ...

Hualien Overivew

Hualien County is home to several world-class scenic attractions. In 1590, Portuguese sailors passed by the eastern coast of Taiwan and were so moved by the grandeur of what they saw that they named this ...
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